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  • Steven Bosco

New Single "Runs In The Family" Out Now!

Folks, it’s about time! “Runs In The Family” is a song inspired by my very own family. My grandpa, who stormed a Philippine beach and campaigned across the Philippines and China; my uncle, who flew a rescue helicopter in Desert Storm; and my father, who advanced US-China military/trade relations in the Army at the rank of Major. Not to mention my maternal grandpa who was in the Air Force, and his brothers who served. One of whom, flew a “flying coffin” dive bomber on the pacific front. I am so honored to carry that lineage and this song shows that. “Runs In The Family” delivers a message of the American spirit. When something isn’t right it’s the American way to stand up and act. America is and always will be the land of opportunity because of the freedoms bestowed on each and every one of us in the Constitution. The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are worth defending. Grandpa passed away last September 2019. He never liked being called a hero, but I hope this makes him proud!

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